Moving on is an essential part of life. If we weren’t always moving on our lives would stagnate and die. And sometimes moving on means leaving deeply meaningful relationships behind us.

There’s only one person with whom we can spend the rest of our lives. And that means there are inevitably people who play a significant part in our lives but who are not destined to stay with us forever. But they leave us with wonderful memories and those memories stay with us forever and reshape us into something closer to the person we are meant to be.

Nothing is wasted. The people we have loved and lost played their part in making us into the person whom the love of our lives chooses to be their life partner.

Don’t hold on to the familiar out of fear of the unknown. Remember that what is now the familiar was once the unknown, and that there are more familiars ahead, waiting to become known. And don’t make the mistake of seeing the past through rose colored spectacles. Although there were good things in it, the past didn’t give you what you needed to face the future, but it did give you the tools to build it.

Look to the Future

Forgive your ex for their mistakes (which is the easier part) and then forgive yourself for failing to create the lifelong relationship you dreamed of (much harder). Let the past go without bitterness and remember that it has changed you into the person you need to be and embrace the future that is waiting for you.

Every ending is also a beginning. The past is over but the future is yet to arrive. And standing still won’t make it happen.