Well, I’m Sarah Benson and I’d like to tell you something about myself and my journey so that you can get the best out of my advice, blogs and programs.

Like you, I’m a pretty normal person who has had the kind of dating and relationship experiences that most people can relate to.

I’ve had relationships with amazing people which should have been great, but somehow failed to last the course. And I’ve had truly horrible relationships in which there was so much negativity, anger and destructiveness that I felt totally trapped and didn’t know how to escape and rebuild my life.

So I wanted to find a better way of “doing” relationships, a way that worked both for me and for the person I was involved with.

I wanted to understand how a happy, supportive and positive relationship worked, and what the dynamics were that made such a relationship possible. And as I read more and researched, I realized that so much of what both men and women actually do in their relationships is the opposite of what really works.

The thing is that so much “traditional” dating advice is predicated on “getting” something from the opposite sex.

Men are fed lines, given advice on “approaches” and told how to “escalate” things, with the sole purpose getting women to have sex with them. The whole premise is that women are deliberately withholding sex and that men must somehow “trick” or “trap” them into “giving it up”.

Women are told to “play hard to get”, and to “withhold” sex and use it as a bargaining counter to be “given up” only when they have obtained what they want; which is usually some form of commitment.

There is a horrible presupposition that at rock bottom, everybody is just trying to get something for themselves, something that the other person would never give willingly, let alone with enthusiasm.

The trouble is that just getting things from other people will never make you (or anyone) happy.

If a relationship is to be happy, it must give both the people involved the things they need to be happy. If you can understand what your partner really wants, which is different from what you want, and different too from what you probably think they want; then you can inspire their devotion instead of trying to extract it like a stubborn tooth.

There is a way you can get all the love, devotion (and sex!) that you want in your relationships. And I want to show you how you can achieve that ideal, and give you the kind of advice that actually works in the real world.

There is a massive store of free information on this website that you can browse and return to whenever you need it. I genuinely believe that you will find some of the best relationship advice on the net in these pages. The secret is to find the right mix of suggestions and advice that will work for you, and apply them.

So spend some time browsing the site – you won’t regret it. You’ll find something about most situations and relationship problems here.

I hope that what I write will help you in your relationships. We all wish we understood other people better at times, so if this site gives you some useful insights into your personal relationships then I will be very happy to have helped.

Love & Best Wishes,