How to have a designer love life...

This is all about having the love life of your dreams. Having the man you want, the right man for you; the man who is completely in love with you.

This is about finding him, awakening his love and devotion, and having him commit himself to you. This is about having the best relationship you can.




But how do you create such an idyll? How do you get to star in your own love story?

Is it just luck? Well, some people are lucky enough to meet the person they want to spend their life with remarkably easily. But it's not very often this happens.

Is it coincidence? Or is this just another word for luck?


Could you be doing something yourself to make it happen?


The answer is YES. There are lots of ways you can improve your chances of finding love. And in the process you'll improve your whole life and become a happier, more confident person.

How? How can you meet more men, and have great relationships with them?

It's all about KNOWLEDGE...

You must have the knowledge to guide you in your relationships. You might immediately ask 'What do I mean by knowledge?' But just pause and think for minute.

We've all been to school, been educated, learned about letters and numbers, science and literature. And we've probably learned a bit about sex and personal relationships. But despite this, for most people the opposite sex is a foreign country. A mystery.

The things they say. The things they do. The way they react to situations, and to other people. So often, it's not the way we would talk, behave and react.

So you need to improve your knowledge of men, and how to create successful relationships with them.

Knowledge fills you with confidence, and with confidence there's nothing you can't achieve.

In fact, why not dive in at the deep end with this article?


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If it challenged, shocked or even outraged you, that's good. Being shaken out of a complacent mindset from time to time is necessary for intellectual and spiritual growth.

In fact, why not explore the recondite subject of men a little more?

And then it's about SKILLS...

And then you need the skills that will create the future you have always dreamed will one day be yours. The skills that will empower you to build that future.

With these skills you will be able to create that love life of your dreams. These skills will show you how you can turn your dreams into reality.

For instance, have a look at this article.

Something to think about next time you meet an alpha male. Cool!

And then of course you'll want to know how to become not just his new date, but the only woman he wants to date!

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Maybe you need a short break from taking in so many new ideas. If so, why not do a quiz instead? It's fun and anyway, what woman doesn't want to know...

How IRRESISTIBLE she is!!!

And here's just the quiz that will tell you.

How did you do?

Even if you are completely irresistible already, it doesn't hurt to keep your powers of attraction in tip-top condition. So have a look at these articles.

Relationships are great when they work, but as everybody who's been in a successful relationship knows, they need time and effort. It's good to get an insight into how you can make your own relationship better; so take a look at these articles.

Being in a good relationship is great, but you probably don't want to drift on for years without commitment. Maybe you want marriage and children, or maybe you just want long-term security.

But how do MEN view commitment?

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