Is getting back together possible after a breakup? Yes, but you must have a proper plan of action.

Without a plan you will flounder around making mistakes and letting your actions be governed by your chaotic emotions. And you won’t be getting back together if you keep doing things that only drive your ex further away.

So devise a strategy, make a proper plan and give yourself the best chance of getting back together again.

There are no shortcuts or easy ways here. Getting back together takes self-control and persistence; and above all, understanding the right way to succeed.

Making the Plan

Be clear about what went wrong, so that your plan for getting back together is the right one for your breakup. Expect setbacks, and be prepared to ride them out. Above all get good advice and guidance, so that you have something to help you when problems occur.

Accept that it will take time, and be prepared to be patient. Trying to rush things will only damage (and perhaps ruin) your chances of success. Keep an open mind about your recovery plan, and be ready to adjust it as you come to understand the reasons behind your breakup better.