Dating is becoming a minefield; speed dating, online dating, apps like Tinder, friends with benefits; the simple days when boy met girl, dated and then married are long gone.

So how do you find your way through all this to your own version of happy ever after?

Smart advice has never been more needed; first how to meet good men and how to attract them. Then what about the rules for calling, texting and emailing? The first date? The second date? What about how to actually turn a first date into a second one?

What about online dating? Does it work? Should you try it? What are the benefits? The risks?

There are answers to all these questions. It is possible, in this internet age, to find love and live happily ever after. You just need to know the way; what to do, what to avoid doing. Everything becomes possible when you understand the rules of the game.

How to Meet Mr Right (Instead of Mr OK For Now)

When you (and your friends) want to pursue your search for Mr Right, what do you do? Go out on the town, hit a few bars, maybe go on to a nightclub, and keep an eye out for whoever’s about? And how often on those nights do you meet someone you even want to see again, let alone date? Sometimes, perhaps. But not that often. And when you do, how...

10 Reasons You Don’t Try Online Dating (and Why You Are Wrong)

Most of the people advocating online dating do so for a good reason – they met the love of their OWN life online. So of course they can only see it as the answer to everybody’s romantic problems. But lots of women just don’t see it like that. As far as you’re concerned, there are reasons as long as your arm why you don’t try online dating. So are you...

5 Compelling Signs Your Boyfriend Is Not The One

Do you believe in soul mates? Do they really exist? Or do you think you should be happy with someone just because they press most of your buttons? In the end it has to be your choice, but how far do you think you should compromise? How many signs your boyfriend is not The One must you see, before you decide it’s time to look for someone else? Of course,...

Do You Enjoy Having Men Friends? But Can It Harm Your Dating Life?

Do you like having men friends, and get on well with them? Surely having men friends and knowing how to get on with men is a great advantage when you want to find a boyfriend? If that’s you, then you probably have a lot of guy friends you hang out with regularly and whose company you enjoy. And having this diverse social circle enriches your life and boosts your desirability...

Do Men Really Like Strong Smart Successful Women?

Are you a strong, smart, successful woman? Have you ever thought you might be too smart and successful to attract a man? Do men even like strong, smart, successful women? This is a really frustrating question for women. After all, why would a strong, smart, successful man want a woman who wasn’t equally smart and successful? Wouldn’t he soon get bored and restless? Wouldn’t he feel limited by a less...