The key to better relationships lies in knowledge and understanding. These articles will help you to find out more how relationships between men and women really work. You will also find out more about men and how they see relationships.

Successful relationships are built from respect and understanding, and also from knowledge. The more you know about how relationships work; and the better you understand the dynamics between men and women, the more likely you are to experience happy relationships in the future.

How You Can Make a Difference

Of course you want men to contribute, and do some of the work relationships need to succeed. But empowering yourself with knowledge and understanding can only be a good thing. By learning more about how relationships work, you can change the balance to work in your favour; so that your future relationships are more likely to succeed.

The power will be in your hands. Isn’t that a good thing?

5 Signs You Are Settling In Your Relationship

Not ecstatically happy, but still persevering with your boyfriend? Well, nothing’s perfect, but what if you are settling in your relationship? No-one wants to settle. You want to believe you have a great man, and that your relationship will last. But things aren’t quite how you thought they’d be; not how you imagined love would be when you dreamed about the future. Sometimes it feels as if you are trying...

10 Signs He is a Keeper

He adores you, and you adore him. You’re ecstatically happy together – you’ve never BEEN so happy! You’re sure he must be the one. But what are the real signs he is a keeper? And is he really displaying them? It’s easy to see only the good things in a man during the first flush of love. But eventually that first flush recedes, and you’re left with the real person...

Why Men Lose Interest: 4 Reasons Why Men Pull Away

Has your relationship ended because your man suddenly pulled away from you and became distant? Did you rack your brains trying to work out what went wrong? And no matter how much you went over and over things, you couldn’t come up with a reason? Actually there can be several reasons why men lose interest; and the good news is that it often has nothing to do with you. But...