OK, so he hasn’t said it yet. But you’re nuts about him and you want to know if he’s crazy about you too. Or perhaps he’s the kind of guy who claims to love everyone and has been telling you so since the day you met him. But how do you know how he really feels? What are the real signs he loves you (and only you)?

The good news is that he might still be feeling it even if he’s not saying it. The bad news is that he might not be entirely sincere even if he is saying it. Confusing, isn’t it? So what’s the way out of the maze?

Look at his ACTIONS.

With a man it’s the actions that tell the real state of his feelings. Whatever he says, whatever the signs he loves you, if his actions are telling another story it’s the actions you should believe.

Women often talk about men giving off mixed signals. Roughly translated, that means he’s being pretty lukewarm about their relationship while she’s hoping for more – more attention and more commitment. In fact if he is crazy about you his actions will make it perfectly clear.

When you have a real connection you won’t be wondering ‘Does he or doesn’t he?’ You’ll KNOW. In your heart you’ll just know and you won’t have any doubts. But for reassurance here are 10 signs he loves you that should settle the question.

1. There’ll Be Clues

It’s in the actions, remember?

You spend lots of time together and you never part without making plans to meet up again – soon. There are no “I’ll call you”s followed by radio silence.

He listens when you talk to him and is interested in what you say. This is clear when he answers.

He asks you about your day and remembers when something important is happening in your life.

He is ready to help out and to support and encourage your ambitions. He will go out of his way to do something for you.

These are all signs he loves you, as they are the things a man only does for a woman he loves.

2. He Likes to Be Close to You at All Times (not just in bed…)

You catch him looking at you as if he can’t quite believe you’re really there.

He holds you hand and puts his arm around you when you are out together. He makes it clear you are a couple, and he has eyes only for you.

It’s ridiculously easy to talk to each other. Your conversations are natural and unforced. You never find yourselves at a loss for something to say.

He will cuddle all evening and not merely before bed (in anticipation of sex).

And he’ll miss you when you’re not there.

3. He Makes You a Priority in His Life

Nothing gets in the way of your being together. Even if he’s super-busy he’ll find time to call and to meet up. You won’t go days without hearing from him and then get some half-baked excuse like ‘Work’s crazy right now’ or (even worse) ‘I’ve been so busy I forgot’.

He’ll be sorry if he can’t make a date and always reschedule for another time. He’ll let you know what’s going on in his life.

He won’t flake and he certainly won’t go MIA (or just disappear). These are sure signs he loves you.

4. He Levels With You

Like the best friend he is he doesn’t soft-soap you, but he doesn’t put you down either. He tells you the truth as he sees it, but he does it with kindness and humor.

He is also straight with you about your relationship.

You’ve talked about becoming exclusive.

You’ve talked about your past (both of you), acknowledged your past mistakes and are ready to move on. He’s not pining for an ex who still has a hold over him (and neither are you).

And you’ve talked about your future plans, your values and your beliefs. You both know which page you are on, and your visions are mutually compatible.

5. He Acknowledges That You are a Couple

He talks about ‘we’ as a settled entity. Although you’re not joined at the hip (something you should never be), in your plans for your leisure time you always make time for each other.

You’re establishing your own routines. Setting aside regular times to be together is one of the first things that define you as a couple.

He shares the important things in his life with you and wants to hear your news too. He looks forward to receiving your calls and texts (rather than seeing them as an annoying interruption).

When he talks about his future plans they include you; one of the sure signs he loves you and sees you as part of his life, at least for the foreseeable future.

6. You’re Always at Ease With Him

After all those relationships where you never felt quite sure he’d call when he said he would, or sure that you’d even be together a month from then; now, your doubts have gone. This guy makes you feel completely happy and secure.

You trust him.

You know where you stand with him. You know he’s not going MIA or seeing other women behind your back. And not because he says so but because you just know he’s only concerned with you.

And that’s because he shows it. He asks you how your day went. He wants to know your thoughts and opinions. He’s interested in you. It’s another of the sure signs he loves you.

7. It’s Not Always About Him

You don’t always do what he wants; when you plan your activities there’s give and take on both sides. But it’s more than that.

He takes the trouble to find out what you like; your favorite food, movies, places; all the things that make you unique. And he remembers it. He saves it for future reference.

And he doesn’t pressure you for sex, because your relationship means much more to him than that. He sees you as a girlfriend, not just a hookup.

Part of loving someone is respecting their boundaries.

8. You’ve Met His Friends and Family

He has introduced you to his friends and family – and it was his idea. He was proud and happy to do so because he thinks you’re such a great girl (and he secretly expects his friends to be wildly jealous).

Guys don’t usually take a casual girl to meet their family. When he does take you home and his relations say they’ve already heard all about you (because he talks about nothing else), you know he’s smitten.

And when he meets your family he makes a real effort to get to know them and to get on with them. He wants them to like him and to approve of your choice. It’s important for his self-respect, especially if they might become his family too.

9. He Goes the Extra Mile to Make You Happy

He wants you to be happy. And he wants to be the person who makes you happy.

Being able to make a woman happy is very important to a man. So if he is concerned about your happiness you know you are important to him.

He’ll ask if you want anything when he’s out and about. He’ll bring you a book or a DVD you said you liked. And he’ll be ready to help when you need it.

He’s not just pretending to care. He really does care about you. It’s one of the signs he loves you.

10. He’s Still There When Things Go Wrong

He doesn’t cut and run when your relationship runs into problems. He wants your relationship to work, so when things aren’t right between you he’s willing to make the necessary effort to solve your problems.

And he’s willing to apologize when he’s been at fault.

This is a sure sign that he sees you as part of his future. Men don’t like it when relationships become work, but if he’s prepared to stick around – and say sorry – then he clearly thinks you’re worth it.

And it means he’s willing to think seriously about commitment. That it’s part of his long-term life plan and he’s at a stage in his life where he’s ready to think about settling down (go here to learn more about this).

How Many Signs He Loves You Can You See in Your Guy?

If you’re only seeing a couple of these signs then perhaps it means he’s just an awesome guy. Or maybe you need to give things a bit more time.

But if he’s checking a lot of these boxes (say six or seven – or more!) then you could be looking at your future husband.

But if not then maybe you’ve been put in the friend zone and you need to take action to make him see you as a fun, sexy woman (go here to learn more about that).

It’s vital to get the man you love to see you as the kind of awesome woman he doesn’t want to lose. That he’d be mad to let go. There’s a secret to making a man crazy for you which you can find out more about here.

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