What is it about men and commitment?

When you want a man to commit, it often seems as if that’s the last thing on his mind. To you it probably seems a malign coincidence. But really it is par for the course.

Men are very sensitive to women who try to tie them down to a commitment. And men don’t like the idea of having to commit to someone; they much prefer the thought of wanting to commit.

You should never ask a man to commit: not because you don’t have any right to do so (you can always ask); but because it’s a really bad idea. People are only truly committed to things they chose for themselves. So if you want a man to make a genuine commitment to you, the impetus must come from him.

That doesn’t mean you can’t influence him: you certainly can. But you can only choose for yourself; so if you want him to commit to you; the decision must be his.