Finding out more about men is the key to better relationships with them. Men are not that complicated, but they are different. Their needs and desires are different those of women. We run up against this all the time, and it is the source of most of our problems.

We know that men see and experience things differently from women. Knowing more about men and where they are coming from will make you a better partner, and make for happier relationships.

And remember, knowledge is power. Understanding men better will give you more clarity and influence with them. Relations between you will be easier and less confusing, and you will have a better feeling of control over their direction and path.

Why Should You Do All The Work?

Of course a relationship needs work from both partners. But you can’t force anyone else to do something; the only person you can control is yourself. And if you learn more about men, how they think and react, you’ll have a much better chance of creating the kind of genuinely reciprocal and respectful relationship you really want.

Understanding men better will demystify a lot of the things that have puzzled you, and give you happier and more harmonious relationships.