Just because a man is happy to date you doesn't mean he's thinking about commitment. He might have other priorities which are more important to him right now. If he's still in his early twenties, he is more likely to be focused on building his career and having fun than on commitment. Even a man older than that may not yet have reached a level of maturity where he sees commitment as a possibility - people mature at different rates.

Commitment isn't something a good man enters into lightly. He needs to feel confident of his own future, and his ability to be the man his partner wants and expects him to be. That means being financially secure, of course, but also being ready to accept the loss of sexual freedom.

Being The One

Everybody wants the best partner they can get. So for a man to think about commitment, he needs to see you as that woman. The woman he really wants; the one woman he can't bear to lose. And he will want to commit to you, if you can show him you are that woman.

How do you do that?

By showing how much he will gain by doing so. By being the woman who 'gets' him. By making him feel he would be the biggest fool ever if he lost you. By making him see you as the only woman in the world for him.

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