Attraction is the foundation of your relationship. Without attraction, you have nothing to build on. Attraction is what draws a man to you in the beginning, and keeps him in your thrall to the end.

So it's not a short-term thing.

Most women think of their looks, their physical appearance, when it comes to attraction. But looks are only good for a first impression, unless you are a real stunner, and even then they will pall eventually if there is nothing beneath them.

And what about women who are less well endowed with good looks? Does it mean that they can't be attractive to men?

Of course not. Attraction is a far more complex phenomenon than just your looks.

Creating Attraction

A woman gets a man's attention by appearing attractive to him, and holds it by building more attraction. And the way you attract men is by the energy you bring to your interactions with them; your feminine energy.

Your feminine energy lifts a man's mood when he is with you.It makes him feel more alive, more masculine. It makes him begin to feel connected to you.

Building a Connection

Feeling connected to you makes him see you as a real person; not just someone two-dimensional who can rated on scale of hotness.

It's vital to get a man past the superficial sexual interest if you want a real relationship with him; and you do that by creating attraction and building a connection with him.

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